Monday, 28 December 2015

Spinach, flaxseeds and fruity protein smoothie

It's that time of the year... we're slowly working our way through the leftover Christmas nibbles (I reckon that tub of twiglets will still be knocking around in July though) and thinking about our January detox. 

Along with a detox, most of us will be hitting the gym and I know for me, that I'll be trying to fuel my body right... including with post workout protein snacks to aid recovery and repair! 

My latest snack is this spinach and blueberry one! 

large handful of spinach 
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder 
250ml unsweetened almond milk 
small handful of blueberries and raspberries 
1/2 small apple 
few large dollops of low fat natural Greek yoghurt (about 100g) 
1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds
1 tablespoon of smooth peanut butter 

simply pop all the ingredients in a smoothie maker/blender and whizz up all the ingredients until you have a smooth consistency 

Don't forget to core the apple! 

The nutritional value of one smoothie, is as follows:375 calories 
14g fat 
37g carbs
29g protein

The thing I find hardest when it comes to eating healthy again after a period of gluttony, is giving up the sugary snacks! But this is deliciously sweet too! 

Like this? Then how about trying these ones!

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X x X 

Please remember, I am not a nutritionist... speak to your doc or nutritionist if you're looking to lose weight or embark on a new style of diet! 

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