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Mum's homemade Japanese chicken katsu curry

I have introduced Chicken Katsu Curry to all my friends and acquaintances now and I can happily say that not one of them disliked it. In fact, everyone absolutely loves it.Mostly the Boy, who quite happily consumes a "double katsu curry" at our favourite Japanese restaurant. 

rich thick gravy like curry sauce 

Katsu Curry is an amazing ensemble of fluffy white Japanese rice (which is slightly sticky and in my opinion knocks the socks of boring basmati), topped with thin breaded chicken or pork fillets (the katsu) and a deliciously creamy and mild curry sauce covering it all. 

It’s undoubtedly  amazing. It’s one of those dishes you can’t get enough off, and as it’s so filling, you probably will end up over eating.

hard at work with the spices 


My favourite little Japanese restaurant in London is "eat Tokyo" near Trafalgar Square (which I have previously blogged about) which does an epic double katsu curry for about £9! But nothing will ever come close to the deliciousness of my mum’s katsu curry.

Since my mum moved to Cambodia this has quickly become my signature dish, as I keep making it in the quest to fill my tummy with the good foods that she used to make me. Although I am no where as good as her in making this dish, my friends (none of whom are Japanese and therefore don’t know any better) think its spot on!

I made some takoyaki as a side! 

It’s a pretty simple dish to make but be warned, takes ages to simmer, so this is more a lazy Sunday dish that a quick throw-together-after-work dinner.


lots of garlic! I used about 7 large cloves
tin of chopped tomatoes
cinnamon stick
bay leaves
4 large white onions
3 large carrots
pack of katsu curry sauce (available from oriental food stores. I likes to get mine from the rice wine shop)

chicken breasts
"panko" breadcrumbs (again, from an oriental store)
oil to cook wtih
Japanese rice

got my assembly line ready to go 

How to make the amazing katsu curry ...

part one: the curry sauce

warm up a large saucepan until it is very hot, and add a bit of oil to stop everything from sticking.

add the chopped onion, carrot and garlic.

add the chopped tin tomatoes and two tins worth of water (you may need more later when the sauce reduces)

cover and leave a while to bring to the boil

once boiled, you will notice a gathering of white-foam like substance (which my mum endearingly calls "scum"). This will need to be removed with a fine ladle

reduce the heat to a simmer, add the packs of curry sauce

add two bay leaves, 1 teaspoon of masala, 1 cinnamon stick and 1/2 teaspoon of cumin.

simmer on a very low heat, stir regularly and leave to cook for about 2 hours.

the curry is packed with veggies! 

the spices - aka the magic ingredients 

the chicken katsu

thinly slice the chicken breast into flat slices. I use about one chicken breast for one person. season.

in a row, lay out a bowl of flour, a bowl of egg (beaten) a bowl of breadcrumbs
coat the chicken slices in the flour, then egg, then thoroughly coat in the panko breadcrumbs. Really squash the breadcrumbs into the chicken.
heat a large wok with cooking oil. It needs to get to a really hot heat so be careful! To test whether it is hot enough to cook the chicken, drop in a clump of breadcrumbs. If bubbles form, it is ready. Alternatively, my mum's trick is to press a chop stick down in to the pan. If little air bubbles come from the stick it is ready. 
testing the oil 

drop in the chicken for cooking. You probably can fit about 4-5 slices in the wok. It will cook quickly so will only need a few minutes. You should be able to tell if it is cooked when lifting the chicken up out the oil, it should feel light.

once cooked, leave the chicken to drain any excess oil. I do this by putting on a wire rack on top of newspaper or a magazine.

crispy and light 
this smells amazing! 

putting it all together

I like to layer my katsu curry, with rice on the bottom, chicken katsu on top of that, and the delicious sauce coating it all!

layered up! 

This is no where near as tasty as my mums yet but I am working on it! 
X x X

ps this is a re-post but seeing as I am in Japan at the moment, I have reposted with better photos! 

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