Monday, 9 March 2015

Frozen yoghurt "cupcakes" - only 30 calories each

No matter how hearty a dinner I have, I always seem to crave something sweet afterwards!!! I have been trying to satisfy cravings by swapping sugary puddings with snacks that are naturally sweet. 

A recipe I am loving at the moment is from, for this frozen yoghurt cupcakes. 

tangy frozen puds

I made these the other week, a few of which me and my friend nibbled on, and she loved them. 

And why wouldn't she? They are tasty and low in fat. 

a healthy alternative to cupcakes! 

They are so simple to make and taste delicious - tangy but sweet at the same time. 

All you need is:

250g of plain Greek yoghurt

9 strawberries
half a ripe banana
a few mini choc chips
vanilla essence

The Boy helped - he done the blending! 

Line a 12 hole cup cake case with a sheet of cling film (this will stop it sticking and help ease out the desserts)

With a spoon, carefully plop a bit of yoghurt out into the 12 cup cake cases

In a blender or smoothie maker (my one is a Morphy Richards bad boy) whizz together the banana and strawberries. I added a couple of drops of vanilla essence for good measure!

Once blended, pour this on top of the yoghurt. Finish off with a few sprinkles of chocolate chips or cacao nibs. 

bottom half is Greek yoghurt

top half is delicious fruity smoothie 

Pop in the freezer to set. Voila! 

Allow to thaw a little for about ten minutes before munching, otherwise you'll hurt your teeth or cause mega brain freeze. If you are like my friend Frenchy though, who said that no one should put food in front of here and expect her to wait ten minutes, maybe leave them to thaw out of sight?!

why not try different fruit flavours?

So simple to make and according to the recipe I followed, these are only 30 calories a pop! 

I am thinking about making these again soon and mixing up the flavour layers. Will let you know! 

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