Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Get super soft hands with this one trick

Winter plays havoc on most people's skin. The blasting cold air and the constant change in temperature as we go from freezing cold to hot central heating inside. In particular for me, it is my hands that take a battering and I am always left with sore, red, chapped hands.

But I have found a new trick which has left me with lovely soft hands this winter!


Sleeping in gloves!

doing my best Michael Jackson impression 

Yes, really.

Ok these aren't gloves in the sense of thick winter outdoors gloves. These are specifically for wearing at sleepy time. 

The concept is simple. Pop on your favourite hand moisturiser and pop your hands into the gloves before you go to sleep. Sleep with them overnight and you'll wake up with hands that have been re-nourished!

simple and effective 

I have been using the classic bio oil or rosehip oil. For those of you that haven't heard of rosehip oil, get involved! My lovely Aunt Caz introduced this to me, and it saved my skin when I accidentally skiied on my chin (yes, true story) and subsequently took all the skin off my chin and was left with a scabby patch. See my blog here.

The Boy was laughing at me for thus but it does seriously work! And if it doesn't, well at least it will provide you some entertainment as you do your best Michael Jackson impersonations! 

X x X 

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