Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Big Easy Bar.B.Q Crabshack

The other day, me, the Boy and a few friends ventured to Covent Garden for a Sunday lunch at The Big Easy Bar.B.Q and Crabshack (it is also labelled as a lobstershack which seemed to totally confuse me!). There is a Big Easy on Kings Road near to where I live but since moving to the area, I had yet to go, so I was really looking forward to it! 

After being seated with the others (at first the waitress tried seating us with a 70 year old couple - we might have been drinking heavy the other night, but not that heavy), we were offered a menu that was tasty BBQ come American diner, offering steaks, grilled seafood and of course, lobster. 

served with a bib for you messy eaters! 

Seeing as the lobster was a pretty good deal, this seemed obvious choice. 

the whole lobster deal

leather jacket - River Island,
top (with matching skirt) Miss Guided 

For £20, you can get a small whole lobster, with a portion of tasty chips and sauce, which seems to me a pretty sweet deal but it also comes with a slushy cocktail! Yea it was a Sunday but when it is technically free, it would be rude not to have a strawberry daiquiri slushy. 

lobsters are actually blue, they change colour when cooked 

crack 'em open for a low cal meat 

Once I cracked open the shell (it's ok, they give you utensils) I got to the soft lobster meat, which dipped in the sauce was delicious. Even those not big fan of fish might like lobster, thanks to its meaty texture and unfishy smell. And a small lobster coming in at less than 150 calories, it is a dieter's dining choice too! 

Nat and the Boy tucking in! 

Others opted for the steak or pulled pork, which judging by the plates being quickly demolished, I am guessing were pretty good too! The Boy had the popcorn shrimp to start, which looked nice, but seeing as he doesn't share food, I ain't sure how it tasted.

The pulled pork and sauce 

The Boy had the shrimp to start 

Decked on two floors,  an open kitchen and wood panelling, this place has the right amount of "shack" feel with a little twist of an industrial feel. 

Covent Garden's restaurant bar 
the right level of "shack" feel 

The food was good, but also I enjoyed the atmosphere of the Big Easy. Relaxed, easy going and unpretentious, its the kind of place everyone is welcome. They also have live music on offer (check their website) and different days offer different deals (such as all you can eat shrimp on a Tuesday). 

This place gets the thumbs up from me 

X x X 

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