Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The garden museum cafe, Lambeth

I just made a lovely lunch time discovery – the garden museum cafe, on Lambeth Palace Road. A small cafe with indoor and outdoor seating that offers busy Londoners a spot amongst the trees that takes you away from the office.

welcome to this cute cafe and museum 

small garden at the cafe

 Me and a few colleagues popped over for a mocha (only £2) for a chance to get some fresh air and sit amongst the greenery. It’s pretty convincing and if it weren’t for the police sirens, you could have been transported in one’s mind to the countryside!

enjoying my mocha

I had already made a packed lunch so passed on the cakes and lunches but they offered a small selection of tasty savoury tarts and salads, made from home grown produce and unusual cakes, such as butternut squash. 

delicious tarts 

enjoying the peace of the garden

There is also a lovely gift shop attached, selling gardening and county-esque goodies, such as jams and trowels and birthday cards. This small garden also houses the grave tombstone of William  Bligh who famously navigated his way home after a mutiny on board the HMS Bounty

William Bligh's grave
cute little gift shop

My office is right opposite this garden cafe and after working there two and a half years I finally made this discovery! This is my second discovery this week, my other being the falafel wrap on Monday. This makes me think – we often miss the things on our doorstop! I must open my eyes more often! 

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