Monday, 2 September 2013

Vivienne Westwood Melissa pink bow slingback heels

At the weekend I attended the most beautiful wedding of my university friend Chez. I felt that this gorgeous country wedding required me to wear a fabulous pair of shoes. So I finally wore my Vivienne Westwood Melissa Slingbacks. I think these are possibly the most exciting shoes I have ever bought.

adore these shoes 

I did originally buy these for my own wedding, as these were going to be my shoes for the evening but then the dress I bought for the evening, didn’t really go. So they have remained in the box since, longing for an opportunity to be shown off.

Sleek slingback.
With a pink bow.
A sexy heel not too high so they are actually wearable.
Comfortable too!
and they are jelly like shoes.

You can see why I love them.
They make feet look pretty.  And with their nude base and summer feeling, I personally think these are the type of shoes to go with any outfit. with a pretty floral summer dress for a lady like look, or go smart casual with a pair of skinnies or cigarette pants and t-shirt.

They are also available in other colours and I also adore the red and white heart version too. These are on my wish list now...

X x X 

on the birthday wishlist...


  1. These are so lovely! I've recently ordered my first pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon Heart slingbacks and am waiting of them to arrive (it's a painful process, I just want them here already!) How do you find the sizing on them? I've heard conflicting comments about having to order a size down because they come up large and others saying they are small?
    G x

  2. I am a size 4-5 and I bought a size 5 and they fit snuggly! You can adjust it at the back with the sling back strap, so that might help xxx