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Biggest excuses for not exercising and how to overcome them!

We are well into the summer now, and as I am reminded from my teacher friends, half of the summer holidays has vanished! 

This summer I have already been fortunate enough to go to Croatia (read last year's post on Dubrovnik here) and enjoy a girls' weekend to Berlin (check out my review soon), plus I am off to Rome, the South of France and Morocco soon! 

In our excitement about holiday time, we often decide that now is the time to get fit, and although the summer is nearly over, it is not too late!

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Talking to friends, it seems that the biggest obstacle to exercising is time, even though we know the importance of it.

This got me thinking…
what are the usual exercise excuses and what answers can we comeback with?

I want to share with you five excuses I have heard people say that stop them from exercising and the answers you should tell yourself so they no longer stop you from exercising!!

Excuse 1: I have no time
When googling for inspirational images I came across this fact... a one hour workout is 4% of your day. 

Can you believe that?! This really got to me. Especially when it is said that the average person watches three hours of tv a day. Cut a little tv out and I am sure we can all fit this in three times a week.

Excuse 2: I can’t afford it
When purse string are being pulled, one of the first things to be scrapped are the things we think we can do without, like gym membership. Firstly, exercise shouldn’t be seen as a luxury plus there are loads of ways to exercise apart from an expensive gym membership which will see you get fit. How about a brisk walk or round of circuit training in the park? Perhaps you could join a running group -or even start one if you don’t have one near you!

Excuse 3: I hate the gym /exercise
I confess I HATE the gym, including the guys that hog the weights and the girls that go in a full face of make up to pose in their lycra. So I stopped going about five years ago and never been back. But I am in better fitness now. I too also hate conventional boring exercise, and much prefer it when I am learning at the same time, taking boxing lessons once a week and heading off to the park in the summer for tennis. Concentrating on technique makes the tome fly, so it’s almost as if you have a hobby and exercising is a positive by product.

Excuse 4: I am not fit enough so don’t want to embarrass myself
 This is one I have heard quite often from my girl friends. I totally understand where people are coming from when they are saying this but don’t let it stop you from getting fit and healthy! If you really can’t bare exercising in front of others at first, how about buying yourself some workout DVDs, in that way you can get sweaty and red faced in the comfort of your own home!

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Excuse 5: I have too many aches and pains
Basically this is total rubbish! Moderate exercise will assist in banishing those pesky aches and pains, just make sure you choose your exercise wisely – for me jogging is a no no as it aggravates my bad knee but yoga, ballet and kick boxing has actually helped strengthen it. When I was a teenager I used to suffer terrible back pain, so crippling sometimes I couldn’t get out of bed for a bit. On being told that I needed to strengthen my core, I discovered pilates and have never looked back. I may be ten years older now but I can now control my back pain with exercise. 

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Do you have any more excuses? How do you motivate yourself?! Please let me know, I would love to hear from you! 

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