Wednesday, 11 June 2014

"Polo in the Park", Fulham, London

The polo is something I have always wanted to see and being so close to the Polo in the Park at Hurlingham Park in Fulham, we decided to make the most of it and headed there on the Saturday.

Whilst enjoy our smoked salmon and bagels we looked out the window to the most disappointing view of the rain pouring out of a grey grey sky. But by the time we arrived at the Park at 2pm, the rain had gone to reveal glorious sunshine and a blue fresh sky. Perfect for Pimms, cocktails and watching a bit of polo. Yay.

polo action shot!

Charlie, Steph and Me

The park is large enough to feel that you have your own space but small enough that it is easy to navigate and find your friends. We started off by hitting the Mahiki bar and ordering a round of zombies, a delicious blend of fruity flavours and absinthe strangely enough.

Steph and Charlie at 'Mahiki' bar

yes, I do require three straws for my zombie

Fashion forward -
I like to match my drink to my outfit!!!!

We did take a picnic blanket with us just in case, but we easily found some seats in the stands with a great view (which I didn’t realise they would have), which was great because the ground was still soggy from the rain.

why do the horses always show their bum for the photo?

the Boy, Me, Steph and Charlie

Having never watched a polo match, I appreciated the little guide that was being handed out at the entrance, so watching the match I felt like less of a fraud. If you have been to rugby and football matches or the like, this is not the same at all. It was the most civilised cheering I had ever heard, even when a goal was scored. Event when the commentator was trying to gear people up with a “give a cheer if you are supporting Buenos Aires”, the crowd only mustered up a very posh “whooo” and a soft clap. Most civilised.

it's tradition to push in the divots!

blue skies + green grass = :-)

Not only was the sun shining, making the scenery lovely but the polo has to be one prettiest places I have seen ad when I say that I mean that there were some seriously pretty people and nice outfits – it made me want to do some serious shopping after! If you are going next year, you will want to wear something summary! Oh and wedges over stilettos preferably! 

I had visions of taking a picnic with us into the polo but turns out you’re not allowed to take your own food and drink, but fear not, the food stalls were amazing. Not dirty rat burger vans here. I opted for the wilderbeast burger with proper skin on fries – I even saw them being cooked as the cut simply cut up a potato and popped them straight in!

possibly the best chips I have ever eaten!

we had been perving on this all day #foodporn!

With the tickets being £50 (which in my eyes is quite expensive) I did worry that we would be ripped off for food and drink in there but with zombies from £8, jugs of Pimms for £25 and burgers for £6, I didn’t think that it was too bad for London.

large scale divot-ing

there is nothing more summary then a jug or two of Pimms

Ice cold cocktails, a relaxed atmosphere, sun blazing and best friends, this was a perfect day out. Bring on Polo in the Park in 2015 I say!


Jacket - Primark
Lace vest - H&M
Shorts - 
Wedges - Primark
Chains - markets 
Bracelet - Accessorize 

X x X

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