Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Bioré deep cleansing nose pore strips: review

Hands up, who likes blackheads?!

Yea, thought not.

no I haven't busted my nose...I am busting the blackheads! 

Generally my skin is quite clear but my skin bug bear is large pores and in particular blackheads around the nose. Not surprising, did you know you have about 200,000 pores on your face?!  I know you shouldn’t but sometimes I try to give them a squeeze but this doesn’t work. It could also make the issue worse as it can damage skin and further block pores so I try to refrain.

What does work though is this stuff… Bioré’s Deep CleansingPore Strips!  

rid blackheads with this! 

After wetting your nose, you pop one of these little strips on your nose and wait for it to dry! Once dry, you peel it off and the strip pulls out all the dirty little blackheads that have stuck on!

Do be careful though as I tried one on the Boy once and accidently ripped off half his skin on his nose. Needless to say, he weren’t too impressed, however it did get rid of the blackheads so winner!

deep cleansing pore strips 

As the packet says, “it may be disgusting…but it is also oddly satisfying”. So true. After pulling off the strip, you’ll be staring at it for minutes, identifying all the little blackheads you have beaten!

These are a little on the pricy side I feel, at about £7 for a pack of 6 but I do love them! And with regular use, the sight of blackheads will diminish. The strips are also the perfect shape for your nose seeing as you have more pores to the centre of your face than the sides, so there is no messing using these little strips trying to get it to fir your face, making it makes it easy to use. 

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