Thursday, 10 July 2014

The most amazing hair brush - the tangle teezer

A hairbrush isn’t something I would normally blog about I love this bad boy so much, I have to!

I love my new tnagle teezer! 

When we were in Croatia last week, the combination of the sea  + sand + me forgetting to take out my hair piece before sleeping, resulted in a tangled mess than resembled a wrecked birds nest. Luckily, the gorgeous Brooke came to the rescue with her tangleteezer

I had read reviews about these things before but thought they were all hype and a bit pricey for £12. However a quick sweep of this and my birds nest was transformed into hair again!

soft plastic bristles 

soft outer shell

I was sold and pretty much bought one as soon as I landed (ok, that’s an exaggeration as we landed at midnight). But the next day I did pop to my local Boots in Putney and purchase a neon pink tangle teezer.

the original...they do other colours too

I love the smallness of it and the way it sits in your hand( very ergonomic). Thanks to the teeth, it glides through tangled hair and can be used on wet hair even. Thanks to its very clever shape, it will de-tangle from root to tip! I love this thing!

Thanks Brooke!

right - the gorgeous Brooke 

Does anyone else use one of these?

X x X 

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