Thursday, 24 July 2014

Home-made sugar body scrub recipe

I love bathing products and I have recently been using the most delicious body scrub from soap and glory (one of my favourite beauty brands) which I have absolutely loved using. I would highly recommend it. The scrub was made from main ingredients of brown sugar, lime, almond oil, and macadamia grains. Available from Boots, Superdrug and the like, about £9 for a massive tub.

Unfortunately for me, delicious products don’t tend to last very long, if anything, I use them more quickly! So whilst the massive pot lasted me ages, the pot is now well and truly empty.

using my homemade sugar body scrub 

You have probably noticed that the list of ingredients of this scrub are all pretty edible! Which might have you thinking... what have I got in the kitchen cupboard that I could use to make a new scrub?

Whilst I love a professional beauty buy I am also partial to making my own, and it is so easy! If you have a quick google, there are loads of “recipes” out there, all natural, so no fear of allergic reactions or break outs, and all very cheap to make!

My favourite one that is my fail safe option for years, is this sugar scrub made with sugar, olive oil* and lemon juice. It is simple and effective. 

making a body scrub with everyday ingredients! 

How to make:

I use caster sugar as it's pretty coarse and grainy, perfect for rubbing the skin with, and buffing the skin to smoothness. I partnered with olive oil, just a cheap one, as this will make your skin super soft and silky. Lastly, you can add any ‘flavour’ that you want, depending on your preference and what your skin might need. I used a few drops of lemon juice  as lemon is said to enhance blood circulation, a good detoxifier, and I have been told before it has anti-bacterial properties, so perfect for spot prone skin.

The quantities depend on your preference really. If your skin is particularly dry you might want to use more olive oil. If you just want to do your legs, you might want to make a smaller portion. 

simply put all the ingredients in a bowl

Actually, lemon juice in general, when eaten is pretty good for you, check this lemon-loving website out.
Other good oils and juices I have discovered to use, include:

Green tea – helps tighten and tone the skin
Lavender oil – help relieve stress
Coconut oil – deeply hydrating

this is the consistency I aim for 

How to use:

Rub the scrub into your limbs with quite a bit of pressure to scrub all the dead skin off. I did this on dry skin in the bath, then washed it off in the shower. I find that if I use the scrub whilst in the shower, it runs down the drain before I have had the chance to use it!

Afterwards you will be left with ultra soft skin!!!

X x X 

*Be wary of the olive oil though, as it makes the bath a little slippery

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