Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Swift, bar and kitchen, Putney, London

At the weekend, me and a few friends went for a late lunch at The Swift, just near Putney Bridge, which was an absolute find as we loved it there and ended up staying for a drink or two after. We had actually intended to go to the Brown Cow in Fulham (somewhere I have been meaning to go to for ages) but when we turned up at 4pm, we were dissapointed to find that the kitchen didn't actually open until 6pm! Practically starved (I hadn't eaten since 1pm!!!), there was no way I was waiting two hours so we initiated plan B. 

a late lunch at The Swift 
what cute bunting! 

Falling true to "I don't know what I am having so I will copy the first order", we all sampled the organic Samuel Smith apricot beer (although Frenchy branched out and had the strawberry) which as a non beer drinker, I surprised myself in really liking! I would definitely recommend and have it again! 

apricot and strawberry Samuel Smith beer 

For my late lunch, I opted for the salt beef sandwich with pickles and Swiss cheese on proper thick cut bread, accompanied by a side of the most amazing parmesan coated chips! I am salivating thinking about those chips as I write this! 

can't beat a proper sandwich and chips for lunch!

the pickles compliment the salt beef perfectly

these cheesy chips were the best! 

If you are into your craft beers and gins, then this place is for you, even if you're not here for the tasty food. There is a whole menu dedicated to just beers, ales and ciders that are locally sourced, international, organic or that a little different. My friend Frenchy was particularly excited by their extensive list of award winning gins on offer, which are served in a huuuge goblet like glass.

this is just for the gin list! 

this is as large as my head! And I have a fat head! 

I certainly will be returning back to here in the near future. 

mismatched furniture for a country kind of feel 

Love the granny chic chairs 

The vibe at The Swift is perfect for a lazy weekend of drinking, dining and catching up with friends. The staff are lovely, the atmosphere is relaxed and the area is cosy without being stuffy or dark. I also adore the mismatched decor and vintage feel, with artifacts and accessories adorning the place such as an old type writer, grandma worthy chair and bunting. I loved it! 

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