Sunday, 20 July 2014

Maybelline colour show nail vanish in "mauve kiss": review

I love painted nails, quite frankly when I don't have my finger or toe nails painted, I feel a little naked almost and can't help that think my toes look weird without a pop of colour. It's like have a roast dinner without gravy or going on holiday and not having an ice-cream. It's acceptable but just not right. 

Anyway, I have had this colour quite a while now but have recently started wearing it again after a little break from it. 

an understated colour for nails 

This colour is from Maybelline and I love it! It is called mauve kiss although I am not sure why as to me, there is not one hint of a purple shade in it! I would say it is more of a mink or taupe even! 

The reason I love this colour though is for it's sophisticated shade and ability to go with any outfit! Plus it's the perfect shade for all seasons! It works just as well in the summer months and clothes are a little brighter (therefore not distracting your nails from your outfit) as it is in the autumn when colours tone down a notch.  

let the outfit do the talking with paired down nails 

easy to apply polish 

I am a fan of the Colour Show range in general as it offers good value for money at £2.99 (from Boots) and an easy to apply polish that is fairly chip resistant. If this mink colour isn't for you, then they do a whole range of other colours, from muted shades to bright colour pops! 

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