Saturday, 19 July 2014

Oil absorbing sheets - be gone shine!

Generally I have good skin but every now and then I'll break out in spots around my mouth and chin (but hey, but who doesn't like a spot beard?!) and I'll have "greasy" patches around my face. Obviously this is a look that I am after really but I have a secret weapon! These oil absorbing sheets from Skin Clear. 

oil absorbing sheets 

These are a simple, genius idea - each sheet absorbs all the excess oil on the surface of the skin, eliminates shine and helps mattes skin. 

a little grim, but check out the oil from my skin! 

They are so small too, so they are now a permanent fixture in my handbag, whipping them out for a quick touch up throughout the day. 

a permanent fixture in my handbag 

I bought these from Boots, and an absolute bargain at £3.99, and even better as they are often on offer (ps, they are currently on offer half price). I definitely recommend them to anyone who has issue with oily skin, combination skin or the odd bought of oiliness throughout the day! 

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