Saturday, 6 December 2014

The trigger point foam muscle roller

If you are a fan of exercise, then you'll know the importance of a good post workout stretch to sooth your muscles and aid recovery. You may also have heard the importance of massages, or heard how professional football teams are treated to a post game rub down. But it you're not on £150,000 a year then you might not be able to afford a massage after every workout like they do! Fear not though, invest in this...

my Trigger Point roller 

... a Trigger Point grid foam roller! 

This hard, hollow tube is specifically designed to mimic a deep tissue massage, to help work out the knots and niggles in your muscles after a good sweat on. My sport of choice is kick boxing, and after an hour and half of and trying not to get hit, you can feel it in your muscles! A role on this after always sorts me right out! 

the grid design 

The Boy first introduced this to me a few months ago and I haven't looked back since! I love it. Well, it is a kind of love hate relationship though as it bloody hurts when you use it! 

You can use the foam roller any where on your body, you just need to adjust your body on it but there are plenty of video tutorials out there is you are unsure. 

using it for my lats 

It is also perfect for any one, whether you're a runner or weight lifter.  It is also pretty sturdy and can take a fair bit of weight, so you don't have to worry about breaking it. 

for the hamstrings 

Because it is easy to use, you don't need a lot of space, just your body size really! Priced at £35, they aren't the cheapest foam rollers on the market, but I think it is definitely worth the money! Especially as it'll last you a lifetime (well, maybe not a lifetime but certainly a very very long time). 

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