Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Four Corners cafe, Lower Marsh, Waterloo London

The other day at work, me and my friend grabbed a bite to eat on our lunch break, popping over to the Four Corners Cafe in Lower Marsh, Waterloo. I have been there a few times but haven't got round to sharing it on my blog. It is such a cute little place though, I want to share it with you as it is worth a lunch if you are in the area. 

the four corners cafe, lower marsh 
friendly staff serve your needs

Serving decent sandwiches, soups and tempting cakes, this is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat. It also has that vibe where you could happily sit all day with your laptop, working away, ploughing through tea. And you'd be there a while as it has the largest loose tea selection!

mozzarella and rocket 
serrano and cheddar 

I love the concept of the cafe, which as the name suggests, has a focus on world travel. From the decor to the merchandise, you'll feel at home if you like to travel. They even have lonely planet guides on the side for you to browse whilst you dine. 

travel inspired decor 

plan your next trip with your cake! 

We opted for the ciabatta style sandwiches - I went for mozzarella, rocket and pesto and Georgina went for serrano ham and cheddar. I was trying to be good that day so skipped the cake, but they did look good! 

soya hot chocolate for me 

slurping on my hot chocolate 

Unlike other cafes, Four Corners sells wine and beer, which is a nice touch I think! My favourite though is their tea and coffee infused spirits, such as their earl grey gin and tonic (which I have confirmation from my dad that this is pretty good).

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