Friday, 29 May 2015

Recipe for a healthy protein chocolate milkshake (dairy free)

I love chocolate (who doesn't) but it isn't exactly good for you. Sure there are reports out there that a tiny bit of dark chocolate each day is good for you, but seriously! Who can open up a bar of chocolate and just take a small square?!?! And of dark, bitter chocolate as well!!! (If you can, there is no need for you to read this blog post btw).

delicious and creamy 

For those of you that enjoy the taste of chocolate but trying to diet, eat clean or simply not fill your body with fatty crap, then try this simple recipe for a chocolate milkshake! Not only does it taste like chocolate but it is also good for you!!!!  I'll let you know why, but first here is what is in in...

tastes like chocolate milkshake 

for one person...
250 ml of soya milk (or almond milk works well)
1/2 frozen banana (use frozen as it makes it creamy)
1/2 tsp of cashew butter (peanut butter would work too)
a scoop of protein powder (vanilla or a chocolatey flavour) 
1/4 tsp of raw cacao powder
a sprinkling of cacao nibs if you have them

All you need to do is simply bung it all in to a smoothie maker and 
blend for about a minute until you have a deliciously creamy milkshake! 

Add more frozen banana for a thicker shake. I have added protein powder for an added health boost. 


pop it all in ans blitz 

they Boy enjoying a slurp

So where's the goodness?

Soya milk - 
It contains virtually no saturated fat or sugars, and contains 2g of protein per 100ml. It is easy to digest too (many people are lactose intolerant). 

soya milk is a good source of protein 

Raw cacao powder and nibs - 
Not only is what gives the chocolatey taste it is full of antioxidants. Chocolate is actually good for you in its raw state, ie, hasn't been processed into the dairy milks and galaxys in the shop that we are familiar with. The nutrients found in raw cacao powder have been know to: lower blood pressure, promote cardiovascular health and aid digestion! 

Protein powder - 
I added a scoop of protein powder to my milkshake for an added health boost and protein hit as each scoop is only 100 calories and punched in 17g of protein! 
Protein is important for muscle repair and also important for making antibodies and to help your body repair and renew cells. 
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