Friday, 8 May 2015

Skin Doctors ingrown hair treatment: review

I have always seems to have suffered from ingrown hairs and whilst the pesky things aren't a health concern, the bumpy skin just isn't a good look, then they cause issues when you start to re-shave over them and sometimes they are a tad painful! All in all they are about as welcome in my life as flowers are to a hay fever sufferer!

One afternoon whilst in the park, moaning at my friend and picking at the unsightly buggers, she recommended that I tried buying a treatment for them. I must admit that I can't remember the brand she suggested but I took to the internet and set a budget and found this great buy.

this has been a beauty savior 

It is an ingrown hair solution from Skin Doctors. It is available on line and I have also recently seen it stocked on the shelves of some Boots stores (Putney was one of them FYI). 

I have never used an ingrown hair treatment before so admittedly I cannot benchmark it against other products but for me, this has worked well.

the tops of my calves are particularly bad 

After your hair removal simply soak a cotton bad with this watery solution and rub on the culprit areas (for me its the tops of the calves and I sometimes even get trapped hairs on the backs of my arms). The treatment is a powerful exfoliant that sloughs away dead skin, helping to get the trapped hair through the skin. Use this for a few days prior to shaving or waxing too.

simply wipe the area with a soaked cotton pad 

What causes ingrown hairs?
Simple really, when the hair starts to re-grow, it will grow under the skin's surface and it will start to curl over as the top layer of skin traps it, causing the bumps of ingrown hairs. So removing the top layer of skin help eliminates the issue. 

This bottle was about a tenner and well worth it. It does such a great job, although the solution stinks a little, that it is well worth the price! 

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