Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hand painted wine glasses: gift idea

I love getting arty but it has been a while since I had a go. Last week was my nan’s birthday and it meant the perfect opportunity to get creative. As her present, I gave her these… four hand painted wine glasses.

my hand made gift to my nan
I wrapped the glasses up in red tissue paper 

it is all about the finishing touches -
don't forget the base

All you need is some nail vanish pens and a steady hand (the latter being something I couldn’t buy at the shops so went without). The beauty of these nail vanish pens is that the thin nib allows for precision and the quick drying.
Opt for any design, I went for hearts, and simply draw away!!

selection of nail vanish pens 

my hand was a little unsteady at times! 

this is the view of concentration 

Because of my lack of steady hand, I rested my hand on the glass. If you’re doing this just be careful that you don’t rest your hand in your previous art work and smudge your designs. However if a smudge does occur, you could use a cotton bud dipped in nail vanish remover to touch up.

you can draw any design you want 

just wrap up and they are ready to deliver! 

Note that these will be hand wash only.

X x X 

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