Thursday, 28 August 2014

Ocean Beach Club, San Antonio, Ibiza

For the bank holiday weekend I had planned to go to Ibiza as some of the girls were there for the week but I hadn't planned anything beyond that! I sat back and let them decide where to go! And they made a good choice too with Ocean Beach Club!

Ocean Beach Club 
I admit- I didn't even get in the pool! 
A daytime pool party with a gorgeous, luxe feel, you can either kick back on a white linen bed or dance away under the glorious sun! I chose option number one and literally spent the day lounging around and only moved off the bed for the odd toilet break. Oh and to wash the kimono I spilt strawberry daiquiri over! You don't even need to move from the bed as it is all table service! I was so comfy I actually even fell asleep (not embarrassing at all). 

superstar DJ 
spend the day chilling on the beds 

This was the ultimate luxurious day! I loved it, even though I was apprehensive as I was told by a few that had been there before that it was a bit pretentious and just an opportunity to show off your style and tan! There obviously were a few posers by the pool - have a stare though as it is hilarious when the random shots of water come up through the pool and soak their perfect hair! 

these jelly shots were amazing! They actually
POPPED in your mouth!

We booked a bed, which costs 600 euros for the day (it's open from midday to midnight) and you can then use this as a tab towards your drinks...and seeing as 600 euros gets you a LOT of cocktails, it was actually well worth the splurge, plus there are up to 8 people per bed, so obviously you split the cost of the 600 euros. I also think you have to pay to come in anyway and it was so much nicer chilling on the bed, than on the pool steps.

blue sky bliss 
at night, it is even more pretty! 

We mostly sipped on jugs of strawberry or mango daiquiri and bellini cocktails, although we gave a good stab at getting through the menu!!! The food was absolutely delicious too, full of flavour. I opted for the club sandwich but I kinda wished I went for the sushi now which is meant to be top notch! 

aaaammmmaaazing mango daiquiri 

sharing platter 

Ocean Beach Club is located in San Antonio which I must admit is not my favourite part of Ibiza (we were staying at Playa de Bossa) but it is well worth a visit wherever you are staying on the island! 

Loved it! 

X x X

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