Friday, 1 August 2014

My work summer social - picnic and sports day in the park

For the past few weeks, me and my colleagues on the social team at work have been planning our work summer social party,  an afternoon of games and a picnic in the park in Archbishop's Park, Lambeth. 

I must admit, it took a wee bit of organising, a few team meetings and a sun dance to the weather gods to pull it off, but we did it. And much to all of our surprises, really really well. People were even thanking us for a fab afternoon of fun and games!!!

I wanted to share this on the blog as I hope it can provide a little inspiration for anyone organising a social or party. 

we decorated the park with signs, bunting and balloons
the social team! 

The essence of our summer social was a sports day and picnic. We had a limited budget of £50, which meant encouraging people to BYO booze and food and the budget paying for a few bits such as prizes, playground games (think skipping rope, bubbles and a frisbee), sweety goody bags and the like. People provided their own sweat bands (seriously, people did arrive in sweat bands and leg warmers!)

We got everyone into teams (we asked people to submit their teams before the day for ease) and put them through their paces, with 6 exciting, high octane games - egg and spoon race, sack race, wheelbarrow race, rounders, three-legged race, and the highly competitive tug-of-war. We also had a quiz to ensure those that weren't up for sporting could join in the fun and contribute to their team's points! 

It totally shocked me how into it people got, especially the directors! Competition, testosterone, determination and cheating were lingering in the air. 

If you are considering hosting a work social, I recommend it - it was a chance to get to know people, relax with colleagues, drop the guard and build team skills! 

Here are some pics...

X x X  

Archbishop's park was quiet before we arrived! 

me (left) taking part in the wheelbarrow race...

...oh, the determination in my face! 

the booby prize...

...making the losers wear it for the evening! 

lining up for the egg and spoon race 

we made little signs for the picnic food 

my chewy chocolate cornflake cakes went down a treat -
will blog the recipe soon 

every guest got a little bag of sweeties 

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