Sunday, 14 September 2014

Environ hydrating oil capsules: review

A few months ago, I had a skin analysis with Environ at Harvey Nicks, and left there not only with a clearer understanding of my skin but also a few samples to try at home. One of the products that I had were these hydrating oil capsules


A concentrated facial oil containing antioxidants and Vitamin A all in a tiny skittle-shaped capsule. 

Your skin is actually your largest organ and as such needs nutrients just as much as your insides do. The key ingredient here is vitamin A, perfect for hydrating your skin. 

these are bursting full of nutrients

Vitamin A is said to help slow down the aging process, aiding in skin repair and maintenance.

After cleansing and toning, break the capsule and pop the oil all over your face and neck. It is so hydrating, it turns my dry, dull skin into skin that is silky smooth and looks so fresh! I love these capsules. I was a little skeptical that these would work, but they really do! 

these have been a wonder product for my skin 

I did try to google a price but you seem to have to sign up to some stockist websites to do so. The whole range is quite pricey, and I think these come in about £44 a pot (30 capsules) but these are a treatment so not something you use everyday. I have been using this once a week, so on that basis these will last me a good 7-9 months!!! 

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