Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sleek trio of blushers in 'pink lemonade': review

Back in December, I blogged about my love for Sleek's blush by 3, a trio of blushers in Pink Sprint, a collection of bright and colourful blushers in a small, compact case. Since then I have discovered a lighter and fresher trio of blushers in the palette Pink Lemonade.

blush by 3 in pink lemonade 

pretty in pastels 

The three shades are irresistibly cute and sweet coloured. My favourite is icing sugar on the left. It adds a soft sheen with a slight shimmer (but nothing OTT so good for the day time too). 

perfect for a subtle sheen 

The middle blusher is a gorgeous cream blusher - I am not normally a fan of the cream blushers, but this is so easy to apply and sets as a powder almost. It also adds as a great base for laying under another blusher for a longer staying power.

love the texture of this cream blusher 

Each blusher palette is £9.99, a pretty good price I think for what you get. The quality is good too, and lasts a while. I also love Sleek's eye make up palette's - check review here

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