Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Bed Head from Tigi ego boost split end mender: review

I admit it, I haven't had my haircut for nearly three months! Gasp. Sorry to any beauty bloggers reading this. But actually, considering I haven't had my ends trimmed, they aren't looking too bad!!! That's thanks to this great new beauty product I have been using - ego boost split end mender from TIGI.

new addition to my beauty products 

leave in conditioner - don't wash it out 

After every hair wash, I add a bit - just a couple of pumps - of the serum to the ends before blow drying. Sure, I still have a few dry, split ends but no where near as many as when I haven't used this product in the past!

not too split ended! 
worth the money 

I also add a couple of squirts of serum to dried hair in between washes to tame flyaways. It was quite pricey, about £13, but I have had it ages, as you only need a small amount each time. I have hardly used the bottle! Well worth the investment I say. It does nothing for your hair but I also love the fun bottle and smell!

X x X

ps, if you are wondering about the weird pink brush in the background, read my blog review here

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