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"I quit sugar" Sarah Wilson: book review

As you may have seen from my blog posts in recent months, I am doing my best to cut down sugar. It all started when I completed a nutrition in weight loss qualification, and was horrified to discover that it isn't fat that makes you fat, it is sugar!!! 

I then found this book, "I Quit Sugar" by Sarah Wilson, the Australian journalist and presenter (she hosted the fist season of Australian Master Chef) but more importantly a former sugar junkie who has found ways to cut the sugar from her life without cutting the taste and enjoyment out of life.  Sarah made the change when she found she couldn't control her weight issues, sleep problems, mood disorders and thyroid disease. Switching to a 'clean' diet has helped resolve all her issues... and she looks fantastic for it! 

I Quit Sugar
Sarah Wilson 

Sarah's book is a good read - it is down to earth and actually pretty practical. I do enjoy eating clean and healthy but I will be the first to admit that you have to be prepared, wither with ingredients, your timing or planning ahead. It's not to use as an excuse, and with effort it can be done, but I did find this book more practical then some other health books I have read. Plus the layout, pictures and illustrations are gorgeous. 

So what are the benefits of limiting the sugar in your diet???

  • reducing your risk of diabetes 
  • reducing risk of heart disease 
  • clearer skin
  • reduced mood swings
  • better sleep

In fact, researchers at the University of California, says sugar contributes to 35 million deaths a year! 

And if that doesn't encourage you, then read this article about how it can knock up to 20 years off your looks!

I am sold!  

pretty illustrations 

Sarah offers an easy to digest (no pun intended!) 8 week detox-from-sugar program, with week one easing you in gently with cutting back. It also offers the science behind it if you are not convinced that you'll be reaping the health benefits.

Sarah offers some fantastic and also easy recipes for easy, everyday sugar free cooking. including desserts! And if you think that this is going to be a restrictive "diet" then firstly you are misinformed and secondly, you need to open your eyes... bacon and cheese feature quite a bit in her cooking!!! As I said, it is not fat that makes you fat, it is sugar (although everything in moderation, yea?!) I can't wait to make her pumpkin pie porridge in the Autumn and her bacon and egg cupcakes look a great on-the-go breakfast to beat any shop bought crap. 

healthy low sugar snacks 

If you are like me, then you might think your diet is relatively sugar free - you eat the odd choccie bar but who doesn't! But you don't eat it everyday and you eat healthy pasta sauces and yoghurts and snack on fruit! This is the issue though... HIDDEN SUGARS! You're not explicitly eating a pack of hob nobs everyday but not realising that there is so many hidden sugars in sauces, low fat goods, cereal bars, sugars in your tea etc etc. Check the labels - you'll be surprised. 

sweet treat recipes 

Sarah admits that she unknowingly was consuming 25 teaspoons of sugar... a day! But if you look at her diet it seems pretty healthy... three pieces of fruit a day, snacking on dried fruit, honey in her tea, a small bar of chocolate after dinner and honey drizzled on yoghurt as a dessert. 

So even if you are a "healthy eater" I would definitely recommend this book! I must admit, summer has been fun for me but I have over done it on the cocktails and meals out and sugar, so I am taking to reading this book again.

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