Monday, 22 September 2014

Nude nails from "Jessica": review

As we transit from bright summery days, to well, I am not quite sure what the weather is doing right now, I have opted for a nude nail during the week, that way ensuring it always compliments my outfit... whatever the weather is doing and what I am wearing! 

my perfect nude nail 

I love fancy nail art (check out these funky bad boys from House of Holland that won loads of compliments on holiday) and bright colours but every now and again there is something refreshing about a nude nail. 

goes with any outfit 

It is a sophisticated, grown up, and simple look. 
In search for my perfect nude nail vanish for the wedding last August (I wanted a simple nail colour) I stumbled across this colour from Jessica, called "blush" and a year on, still loving it. 
It’s the perfect bend of pink tones and nude base. I have found some colours  to be too pinky, peachy or white even. It does need a good couple of coats (I have three on here) as nude nail vanishes can sometimes appear watery with one coat.
Also, make sure you buff the nails beforehand to give your nail bed a smooth finish, otherwise the colour will look uneven (as I discovered). You can get a good nail buffer for just a couple of quid from Boots!

let your outfit do the talking!

Lastly, do make sure you start with a base coat and finish with a top coat. I am currently using a base coat that doubles up as a ridge filler too (from Superdrug) as my nails are usually rough and don’t have the smooth finish I want.
Like this, then you might like this mink colour (see blog post here) or this bubblegum pink colour (see blog post here). 

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