Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Afternoon tea at The Ritz, Mayfair, London

As a treat, I took the Boy for a spot of Afternoon Tea at The Ritz last week.  We have done our fair share of afternoon teas but I think this is up there as one of the best! Not surprisingly I guess, as the world famous hotel is renowned for its sophistication and well, poshness!

ready to tuck in! 
doing my best posh pose
my afternoon tea outfit - white shirt & tulle skirt

Walking in to The Ritz, you are instantly met with an elegant decor. A gorgeous colour scheme of cream, gold and rose (one of my favourites actually) decorates the Palm Court where Afternoon Tea is served.

The whole place is so striking, with the high ceiling, decorated walls and ornate features. Even the ladies "powder room" was impeccably polished!  
I absolutely loved it. 

how decadent is the ceiling! 
gold statues, this must be posh! 
I had to take a photo of the powder room! 

Smart waiters in their tail-coats start the tea by bringing you your tea (there is a selection of 16). The Boy went for the English Breakfast, a classic, but I opted for an orangey one. There was so much tea as well! The tea pot was huge!!! Although I would advise that you don't fill up on tea before you get to the sweet stuff! 

In true tradition, the afternoon tea is served on a three tier rack with finger sandwiches (with the crusts cut off of course), a plate of tempting pastries and a plate of fresh scones which comes with a huge pot of cream and strawberry jam! 

cakes and finger sandwiches 
Afternoon Tea
ps this was the richest chocolate fudge cake! 

I love a sugary treat, and I must say, these did not disappoint! My favourite was this thing that looked like a rock but inside was filled with a hazelnut cream - it was essentially a massive ferreo rocher! They also have the most delicious macaroons which we didn't even realised we liked until then! 

the giant ferreo rocher

Devouring the goodies like we hadn't eaten in days, they kindly kept filling up the plates with more and more! I was ready to pop! They must of taken that as their cue to feed us more, because then a trolley came round with an option of orange loaf or mocha cake with cream. I didn't even think I would like it but I seemed to polish it off! 

more cake! 

I thought afternoon tea might be served with a little snobbery and pretentiousness but the staff were so lovely and I actually didn't feel uncomfortable; they manage to make this a very relaxed yet sophisticated environment. The Boy thought that this one was better than the Burj al Arab (the only 7* hotel in the world in Dubai) where we went last year!!!

world famous Ritz

Sure, at £50 each, this is expensive but it was soooo worth it! Every detail, every crumb, every sip of tea is well worth it for the experience! We went all out and opted for a glass of rose champagne too - normally we aren't bubbly drinkers (we didn't even have any at the wedding) but this was actually delicious. Maybe pink bubbles is where it is at! 

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