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Friday night freaks - udderbelly festival, Southbank, London

If you are looking for something different for the weekend in central London then I have a top recommendation for you! Friday Night Freaks at the Udder Belly Festival on South Bank.

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Acts take place in the large cow tent!
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I went there Friday with the Boy and I got to say it is one of the funniest things I have seen for ages! It is pant-wetting and belly-in-stitches funny! It is a touch risqué and soooo not politically correct so you need to go with an open mind and your banter hat on, otherwise don’t bother.

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Some people clearly didn’t get the memo, as after the first act, which was an excellent spoof of Nigella Lawson but in a burlesque routine, one family on the front row left afterwards! Be warned before you go. To be fair to the show, the family should’ve realised though as the show didn’t even start until 10.45pm, so it wasn’t exactly going to be PG.

The stand up is “dirty comedy” with the funniest, dry humoured and witty comics, spewing the most outrageous jokes that will leave you with a hand-over-mouth-because-I-can’t-believe-you-have-just-said-that giggle.

The whole evening is hosted by comedy duo, Bernadette and Victy.
The sumptuous Bernadette, dressed in the most gorgeous black jumpsuit with feathered shoulders (I want) hosts the evening, with her side kick Victy, who is her one man/one woman band, who amps up the atmosphere with her accordion and her tapping piano tunes.

Bernadette and Victy
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I don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say be careful not to give Bernadette any eye contact. The Boy found himself speechless when she came over mid song (called “sexual tension”) and motor-boated him!
The 90 minutes are filled with stand up comedy, comedy songs, entertainers and burlesque so you’ll be laughing and giggling nonstop for the whole evening. A bargain at £15 for a ticket.

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Even if you don’t fancy a show (Udder Belly festival has loads on) then just pop along for a drink as there festival area includes pop up bars and eateries!
Go on, I dare you!

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