Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Raspberry jelly cheesecake (no bake)

Have I ever shared about how much I love cheesecake??? Ok, just a few times perhaps.

Trouble with cheesecake though is that the combination of cream cheese, butter and more cream is not a recipe for a light dessert so I don’t have it as much as I want. This is where my quest and search for healthy alternatives comes in and I have the perfect one for you, thanks to Philadelphia cream cheese!

raspberry jelly cheesecake! 

Because of the jelly (go for sugar free if you can) and Philadelphia light, you’ll scrap some of the fat, calories and unnecessary cream but retain the flavour of a delicious and creamy dessert. And the best thing about this recipe, is that there is no baking or oven required whatsoever! That is my kind of cooking!

the smell of raspberries and jelly was amazing! 

For a large mouthwatering cheesecake, about 8 slices, you need…

70g of melted butter
180g crushed digestives (you could use light)
1 packet of raspberry jelly
2tbs of water
1 medium egg (separated in yolk and egg white)
125ml semi skimmed milk
100g of frozen raspberries (plus a few more for decoration)
300g of Philadelphia light
125mlof low fat crème fraiche

In a food processor or with a plastic bag and rolling pin, crush the biscuits up into fine breadcrumbs

In a bowl, mix together the biscuit crumbs and melted butter and press this mixture into a greased spring form tin about 7 inches in diameter

the perfect golden biscuit base for your cheesecake 

In a saucepan, place the cubes of jelly and 2 tbs of water and melt on a gentle heat until dissolved. Be careful to ensure this does not boil! It dissolves very quickly so keep an eye on it

keep stirring! 

frozen berries are fine to use - and cheaper! 

Beat the egg yolk and milk together and pour into the jelly, heat for 1-2 minutes and them remove from the heat. 

make sure you don't overheat! 

Add the frozen raspberries (don’t worry about defrosting) and leave to cool for a bit, then add the phily, and crème fraiche and mix well. 

If you want a fruitier cheesecake, don’t mix as well so you retain some of the berries shape

a few dollops of  crème fraiche 

Whisk the egg white together and fold this into the raspberry jelly mixture. 

I love the bright colour of this cheesecake too! 

Pour this delicious purple mixture over the base and pop in the fridge to set for a few hours before serving. If you want a few berries on top as I have, then after 90 min, take the cheesecake out the fridge and add the berries and continue to chill. If you pop the berries on top before allowing it to set a bit, they will just sink to the bottom!

I made a bit of a mess here! 
I made this recipe after a few glasses of wine, and again ate it the next day after a day out that did include a lot of cocktails, so the photos of the final product aren’t as illustrative as I hoped but I think you get the picture of what it looks like! If not, just trust me when I say, this is delicious! One of my favourite cheesecake recipes so far!!!

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