Monday, 9 June 2014

Simple overnight oats (great for on the go or time saving)

I have always been a fan of porridge and find it a great belly filler plus the perfect warming stodgy fuel you need in the morning on a winter day. But as the days are getting warmer (sort of) and you want to maximise your day, you might be keen to try “over night oats”. 

layer it up for a pretty breakfast 

I had seen a few recipes and blog posts with their overnight oats recipes and it really couldn’t be any simpler! It is a classic bung-in-a-bowl-and-leave, the kind of cooking I am a fan of!

In a bowl, stir together one part porridge oats to 1 part dairy free milk (soya and almond are my favs). Also add a touch of flavour, such as cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa nibs or honey.

Stir together and pop in a glass jar overnight.

mix in a bowl or pop straight in the jar 

Feel free to add a topping too, I went for raspberries but the choices are endless! 

If you are adding a bit of bulk to your overnight oats (such as adding nuts or banana) then you may want to use more milk as this will all be soaked up!

I like to use a glass jar as once you pop the lid on, you have a ready to go breakfast. I ate mine on the bus on the way to work one morning – no mess and no spills! Perfect. Although I did feel a little like I was eating a giant pot of baby food.

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raspberry overnight oats

banana and cinnamon overnight oats 

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