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Eating out in Cape Town, South Africa

I did what any self respecting food lover would do on my honeymoon and that was eat, eat and eat some more.

We were lucky enough to eat some amazing food in Cape Town, some restaurants we visited on recommendation and others by chance. On our transfer from the airport to the hotel, our driver told me I was going to put on 10kg from all the good food. I put on ½ stone and the Boy put on 5 kg so he was kind of right.

Part of the wonderful experience in Cape Town was all the fantastic food so I want to share with you my recommendations for eating out in Cape Town.

Restaurant at our hotel Camps Bay Retreat

Having just arrived off a long flight and tired (ok, I wasn’t – I slept the whole way from London, I am one of those irritating people that can sleep on planes), we decided to eat at the hotel. Whilst this was a choice of laziness, it was a delicious meal and would actually recommend trying this  place if you come to Cape Town.

The view of the sea, glistening in the moonlight and the tranquil greenery was a warm welcome to the trip. I went for the salmon and the Boy had a classic mac n cheese with a twist of apple sauce and potato.

salmon topped with mango salsa

apple sauce with mac n cheese - it works! 

This was followed by the prettiest dessert, covered in gold specks and dried flowers. One of the most delicate desserts I have ever eaten!

too pretty to eat. almost! 

For my review of this amazing hotel, see here 


Winning various awards for its steak and the biggest wine list in South Africa, this seemed like a good choice for a night of steak and vino!!

your wine comes with a label to remind you what you are drinking! 

this is a serious choice of wine

Located at the heart of the V&A waterfront, this place was so packed we had to sit at the bar (if it wasn’t blowing winds of 35km an hour we would have liked to sat on the terrace).

complimentary loaf! 

The ambience of this place was the right mix of a stylish and smart vibe yet not pretentious or overpriced. I went for the fillet steak and sweet potato fries whilst the Boy went for a mixed game kebab of wilder beast, kudu, springbok and impala.  I gotta say, wilder beast is delicious!!! A real tender juicy steak!

tender steak and crispy fries
mixed game kebab


This place has an extensive drinks menu, but no food menu. Your waiter takes you to the fish counter, you choose what you want and they cook it how you like. It’s a novel and ingenious idea!

just choose what you want to eat and they'll weigh, you pay
there is also a selection of sushi 

Feeling like we had to venture out of our knowledge of Pollock and cod, we tried Dorado, Angel fish, butter fish, monkfish and langoustines. All grilled, served up with chips, rice and a scrumptious mix of vegetables and a variety of sauces.

platter of fishes and fries 

One of the guys in the RAF reserves that the Boy was working with recommended that we ate in the Codfather fish restaurant although this was a conversation had on a night out which  meant that the Boy couldn’t remember where about in Cape Town this was located and had lost the bit of paper he had wrote it on. Funnily enough though we did find it in Camps Bay when on our bus tour, by total chance!

started our meal with oysters! 


On a particularly clustery day, we decided that we wouldn’t venture more than 10 minutes down the road from our hotel in Camps Bay for dinner. Luckily for us, we stumble on Zenzero and were saved from the wind and hunger with a delicious meal!

Not understanding the weight of seafood, the Boy went for a massive platter of King Prawns, which was something ridiculous like a kilo’s worth. It was absolutely huge but a reasonable price of less than £20.

working his way through a sea of prawns 

The wine, like all restaurants, was delicious and I think I got through a bottle of rose in the end!

I opted for more seafood, with grilled squid and a rainbow of salad! 

The South Africans know how to do a salad! 


After an afternoon walking Table Mountain, I was absolutely starving when we arrived back at the car. My box of fruit, now warmed up by sitting in 30* sun all afternoon wasn’t curbing the hunger so before driving off to road trip stop #1 Stellenbosch, we went to grab some food in Camps Bay.

We went to Blues, an airy restaurant on the upper level of the promenade centre, where we were early enough to get a balcony table, squeezing in one last sunset. The service was a little slower than in the other places but I don’t know if that is just because you get forgotten out on a balcony, and not in the main dining area.

Anyway, the fritto misto (fried calamari, prawns and fish) and seasonal salad was worth it. I sometimes find that fritto misto can be either overcooked and therefore dry or the batters not right. This was good fritto misto.

light and cripsy batter

Tempted at the cocktails, I had to try the mango mojito – right decision; this was sunshine in a glass, and the prefect drink to watch the sunset go down. There is something about watching a sunset with a cold cocktail in your hand, which makes you think, this is what life is all about.

V&A Waterfront market place

The thing I loved about eating out in Cape Town was that there were so many street stalls and delis to grab a lunch, so you weren’t always forced to sit down in a fancy pants restaurant if you don’t want to. At the V&A waterfront there is a large indoor market, selling spices, baked goods and deli style street food. There is also a fantastic juice bar called Dr. Juice, where I tried my first smoothie with wheatgrass in it.

stalls in the marketplace 

I tried to be healthy and opted for the ‘pick and mix’ salad, a bargain of a few quid. The Boy went for a by the sea classic of fish and chips laden with vinegar. They did have the option to have battered angel fish but they unfortunately had sold out that day. 

loved all the different stalls in the market place

If you are planning on going to Cape Town, be prepared – the food is irresistible!

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